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as all water off a duck's back for th▓e imposing 4ft tall bird which instead of eating hi▓s smaller friend, carefully picked him up in▓ his beak and moved him aside.Despite its fearsome reputation as a predator around water, the Shoebill seemed more concerned with completing ▓its journey than tucking into a feathered snack.These extraordinary pictures were captured by▓ 51-year-old amateur photographer Mark Kay, a▓t the San Diego Wild Animal Park in the U.S.C

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hina Daily writes that Peking duck now tops the list of popular dishes at the village with spe▓cial chefs brought in just to cook the dish.Catering ▓at the Olympic village is provided by US food and general services company, Aramark, to▓gether with a Beijing partner.To provide authe▓ntic Peking duck to the athletes, Aramark has hired chefs from one of Beijing's oldest roast duck restaurants,▓ "Quanjude".The original "Quanjude" roast duck restaurant opened ove

r a century ago, and has served c▓ountless visiting heads-of-state over the years. Olympic tourists have been flocking to "Quanjude" since the games began, enjoying the same ta▓ste as the athletes.The presentation of the du▓ck is always the same at Quanjude... chefs wheel who▓le roast ducks on trolleys to customers' ta▓bles, and slice up the birds in full view of waiting diners.The slices of duck meat an▓d crispy skin are traditionally eaten with plum ▓sauce

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and slivers of spring onion, all wrapped together in a small pancake.One Australi▓an newspaper has even speculated that Peking duck helped swimmer Libby Trickett win her gold med▓al.Trickett's husband told the paper that she has been eating Peking duck for breakfast, lunch and dinner during her stay at the Olympic vill▓age. Related stories:Duck is not often cooked,▓ but when it is, it tends to be part of a festive▓ meal. Pauline D Loh looks at a special duck

recipe that is a gem of Chinese cuisine. My grandfather was a ▓journalist in Shanghai at the turn of the century, and he often preferred the rich, sweet flavors of benbang cai (Shanghai cuisine) to the blander dishes of his native Cantonese. I remember one of his favo▓rite kitchen projects - a duck carefully deboned ▓and stuffed with a cornucopia of delicious delights. He called it babao ya, or Eight Treasures Duck▓. Grandpa's culinary efforts would turn the

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kitchen upside down for an entire day, but the end result was an awe-inspiring bird that sat in the ce▓nter of the dining table, steaming gently in its crisp skin. The highlight of the meal was when he ma▓de the first incision

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and the stuffing would sp▓ill out like colorful jewels. It was a feast for t▓he eyes, the nose and the palate. My grandfat▓her did not pass the recipe to me, and in my ▓later years I went to great lengths to re-capture the taste o

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f his Eight Treasures Duck. There are many vers▓ions of the recipes collected in my encyclope▓dic collection of cookbooks, but it took years of experimenting before I could get it right. Firs▓t, there were the ingredients. This duc

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l heat. Today, we recommend a gour met Beijing fusion which blends smoked Tofu an d duck liver . The terrine dish fits the criterion of win ter food perfectly, so d on't miss to▓day's Ch opsticks.This duck g ot himself a ll in a flap af▓ter inadvertently str aying into the path of a gian▓t Sho ebill while heading towards water.But it w 蒙阴县5G 星子县wap 峨边彝族自治县wap 闸北区wap 靖安县wap 望奎县wap 东光县5G 四平市wap 澜沧拉祜族自治县wap 罗山县5G 平顺县wap 汉川市wap 石城县5G 偏关县wap 方城县5G 桦甸市wap 河东区5G 侯马市wap 嘉兴市5G 松潘县wap 传奇私服单机版本下载 有没有手机版传奇私服 传奇私服英雄合击网 今天新开一秒传奇私服 三端互通传奇私服 微端传奇私服外挂 传奇私服加速器免费 超级变态传奇私服发布网刚开一秒 传奇私服英雄补丁 今日刚开一秒传奇私服